Testimonials for GCSE Tuition


“Thank you so much, Marianne, for helping me boost my grade in GCSE Maths.  I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Mrs Y., [Adult Learner] August 2018 

“Marianne supported my son through Year 10 and 11 in both English and Maths and we were really impressed with her individually-tailored approach and attention to detail.  He had been struggling at school but got the grades he wanted thanks to Marianne’s hard work.  We would highly recommend Marianne to any GCSE student.”

Mrs D., August 2018

“Marianne has been wonderful helping my Year 10 daughter prepare for her English mocks this year and we will be using her services all the way to GCSE. She REALLY knows her stuff about the current syllabus and has loads of extra material and explanations to offer the students, working with them according to their individual style. Highly recommended.”

Mrs B., June 2017

Testimonials for Key Stage 3 Tuition

“Marianne first started tutoring my son in maths when he was 8 years old; he is now 13. Marianne initially boosted his confidence and understanding of numbers very quickly and within a year he had gone from below expected targets to above them. We then shifted the focus to English and the same happened there too. During secondary school, Marianne has provided support for my son in Maths and English on an ad-hoc basis which has proved invaluable now he is in KS3 and moving into KS4.

My son has always enjoyed the sessions and has gained a great deal from them. There have been so many light bulb moments as his understanding of a concept comes to light through Marianne’s skillful tutoring which she has tailored towards his style of learning.

Highly recommended.”

Mrs W., April 2017

Testimonials for Key Stage 2 Tuition

Marianne is a fantastic tutor who has worked with both of my (very different!) sons to help them in KS2 English. She managed to get my sons enthused about English by tailoring the lessons around their hobbies and interests.Highly recommended.”

Mrs T., January 2018

“Marianne has tutored my son since he was 8 years old. We started because he was getting bored at school. She has encouraged and supported his love of reading, maths and science and challenged him to improve. Marianne is very child led and has used topics that followed his interests as he grew – sports cars, football, Harry Potter to name a few – to encourage him to expand his writing skills.  My son is now 12 and has just started secondary school. Marianne has been an invaluable support in this transition. She has been very flexible, helping him with a range of topics and school work. My son finds it very reassuring to be able to discuss anything he doesn’t understand with Marianne, and she will often go out of her way to find resources that will be of help or interest to him.  As a teacher, Marianne is kind and gentle. Her positive and encouraging attitude has built confidence and helped my son believe in himself.  As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the support my son receives.”

Mrs M., March 2017

“Marianne’s fun, gentle tutoring style has been perfect for us. My son always enjoys the sessions and is recovering well from the negative associations formed from struggling with Maths and English at school. He told his younger brother that going to Marianne’s house was like having a ‘maths party’. I’m so pleased we found her.”

Mrs E., June 2013

“Both my children had tutoring with Marianne for a couple of years from Year 5. Marianne was professional at all times, providing support and education to both my sons for English. She was creative, engaging with their different personalities and ensured she understood how best they learnt.  Both my sons gained confidence and progressed in English thanks to her support and education. Both sons felt Marianne was engaging and made English fun to learn and explore. They both love reading and English now. I felt her tutoring was great value for money.  Marianne always provided feedback on each session and how the boys were progressing. I felt confident all the time that the boys were receiving valuable tutoring.”

Mrs J., April 2017

Testimonials for Key Stage 1 Tuition

“Marianne is such a fantastic teacher and makes the learning fun and practical.  My son can’t wait to get to his lessons and he is really blossoming at school now, in both English and Maths.  He started Year 2 in the bottom set for everything and has moved up several groups.  Thanks so much, Marianne.”

Mrs R., June 2018

“Marianne first started tutoring my daughter when she was in Year 1, when I was told by the school that she was struggling. My daughter has learnt so much (and so have I) and loves coming home with games that Marianne has made for her. I cannot thank Marianne enough for being so patient and giving my daughter the confidence to learn new things.”

Mrs P., March 2017